Elephant Gin Foundation

Elephant Gin Foundation is a non-profit grant-making foundation, whose mission is to protect Africa’s wildlife, with a particular focus on elephants and habitat conservation.

Our aim is to raise awareness, generate funding, work with like-minded individuals and provide transparency to all of our active projects.

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We were inspired to create Elephant Gin following our own adventures in Africa.

With a vision to conserve the wildlife we feel so passionately about, we decided to launch a product that would help conservation trusts. We strongly believe that this generation has a responsibility to support African wildlife today, so others can continue to enjoy it in the future. 

With every bottle sold, we contribute 15% of bottle profits or 2% of revenue (whichever is higher) to elephant conservation projects. 

*As of March 2024: Due to the financial situation that the company is in, we are deferring the payments to the Elephant Gin Foundation and other partner foundations until further notice. We are only able to continue supporting smaller projects at this time. We are unable to take on new charitable projects at this time.

To date, we have contributed over €1,000,000 to our partner foundations through the sales of our bottles as well as fundraising events. By working closely with the foundations, we ensure that the donations arrive on the ground and are contributed to selected projects that are mutually agreed upon.

Better Gin. Safer Elephants.

Conservation Projects

Every Gin you purchase helps us support these projects and make a difference.

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Not only do we dedicate 15% of bottle profits to the endangered African elephant cause, but have continuously been striving to make our business practices more people and planet-friendly.

In fact, sustainability and social responsibility are reflected in all facets of our company; from waste reduction to innovative recycling initiatives as well as furthering education and providing work opportunities in conservation.

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Sustainability Projects

Better Gin. Safer Elephants.

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Elephant Stories

Every batch of our Gin is named after a past great tusker or elephant that our partner foundations currently help to protect. Read more about these magnificent creatures below.

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