African Forest Elephants

African Forest Elephants

For our 10 year anniversary special edition African Explorer, we sourced a number of new botanicals from Cameroon and therefore, donated 15% of bottle profits to the Critically Endangered African Forest Elephants in Cameroon through the African Wildlife Foundation (AWF).

While once inhabited a larger range, the African Forest Elephants are now confined to the dense tropical forests of equatorial Africa. The biggest threats include poaching for ivory, habitat loss and human-wildlife conflict. Overall, forest elephants' historical range is believed to have declined by over 75% - in the Dja landscape only approximately 219 elephants are left.

As AWF aims to protect the forest elephant population in the Dja landscape, Elephant Gin helps to provide additional funding for the management of this protected area and empower local communities in this important landscape. This funding also helps to better understand the biology of forest elephants as well as their relationship with local communities and the forest.

We're proud to say that through this limited edition alone, we were able to donate EUR 5.800 to the AWF.

The impact of forest elephant decline or disappearance in Dja is predicted as severe given their crucial ecological role, with their absence potentially leading to profound modifications in ecological processes in the landscape.

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