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Wildlife Warrior Program

Enjoy bespoke Elephant Gin cocktails at participating bars until the end of August.

Donation with Every Cocktail Ordered

For every Elephant Gin cocktail you have, our participating bar donates €2 to the Elephant Gin Foundation

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Can't find a bar near you? Not to worry! We have special bundle just for you to experience the cocktail at home.

Continue Your Experience at Home with our Wildlife Warrior Bundle

Our London Dry with Limited Edition design and Art print by Mark Adlington in a gift box.

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Wildlife Warrior 2

Wildlife Warrior Cocktail

40 ml Elephant London Dry Gin
15 ml Lime juice
5 x Fresh mint leaves.
Top up with Ginger Beer

Making of
Method: Build
Glass: Highball
Garnish: Mint

We donated 1,000,000 Euros to Elephant Conservation - All thanks to you!

Conservation projects that we have managed to achieve

Support 55 Anti Poaching Rangers

Elephant Gin has been supporting Big Life Foundation’s Ranger Club to fund the seemingly never-ending work of anti-poaching rangers. These brave individuals are out in the wild every day, living in Big Life’s remote outposts, undertaking daily foot patrols, tracking and arresting poachers, and providing security for critically important wilderness in the Amboseli-Tsavo-Kilimanjaro ecosystem.


Foster 25 Orphaned Elephants

With the launch of miniature bottles in December 2017, Elephant Gin was keen to support Sheldrick Wildlife Trust and their mission to rescue and rehabilitate orphaned elephants. 15% of the miniature bottle profits is donated to the Sheldrick Trust’s initiatives, including their pioneering Orphans’ Project, helping to support round-the-clock specialist care of the orphan elephants with proper nutrition, veterinary care, a human family of full-time keepers and well-constructed and maintained stockades for safety and shelter at night.


Launch an Education Centre

Together with Space For Elephants Foundation Elephant Gin has funded an education centre The Wildlife Spirit. The main purpose is to educate local youth and adults in the area on their country’s wildlife and environment, as well as give local and international visitors an opportunity to learn about elephants including their intelligence, importance in the ecosystem and need to protect them for future generations.


Fund Critical Elephant Research

After hearing about the tragic and mysterious deaths of over 350 elephants in the Okavango Delta region in Botswana in 2020, Elephant Gin released a remembrance edition bottle of London Dry Gin to support the ongoing research. 15% of the profit from each bottle sold supported Elephants Without Borders (EWB), a wildlife conservation organisation in Botswana, which contributed to the flight project to spot and record the incidents. Some of the animals appeared to have died suddenly, collapsing chest-first while walking or running.


What the founders had to say:

"What we have been able to achieve for wildlife conservation in Africa is not only thanks to our dedicated local partners, but also to our wonderful supporters. We are very proud of the outstanding achievements to date. But, if we don't continue to do everything we can to support local organisations in their vital work, African elephants will be extinct by 2040. So, while we celebrate our fundraising success and all those who remain loyal to us on this path, we remain motivated and are steering full steam ahead towards the next million."

Better Gin. Safer Elephants.

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