Chyulu was found as a baby elephant in 2006 in the Kibwezi forest of the Chyulu National Park. She was the first baby elephant rescued in this area after her herd seemed to have been poached. 

Named after the Chyulu Hills, the elephant was found stuck in a dried out waterhole – a known hot spot for poaching as it is one of the last places to dry out during the hot season. 10 days prior to finding Chyulu, a female elephant was discovered poached near the waterhole and believed to have been Chyulu’s mother. 

The thin Chyulu did not fight her rescuers, despite her fear of humans. The small calf was driven to a nearby station and given rehydration salts and milk as well as the usual prophylactic antibiotic injection. Chyulu understood fast that the hostile community members wanted to help and not harm her, so she calmed down within only one day and started to follow them around. 

Little Chyulu was then flown to the Nairobi Nursery at the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (DSWT), where she was immediately welcomed with joy and excitement by three other orphaned elephants. 

Ten years later, Chyulu is now a healthy and happy elephant cow, living close where she came from, near the Chyulu Hills, and the National Park Boundary of the DSWT.