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Spiced Apple

We are preparing for Thanksgiving next week! A very special day to be thankful for all the wonderful nature we have among us. Our Thanksgiving cocktail has a perfectly balanced yet spiced aftertaste that pairs blissfully with your roast turkey and sweet mashed potatoes. To make a Spiced Apple, you will need:

– 60 ml Elephant London Dry Gin
– 25 ml Wine syrup infused with spices (fennel, lavender, lime peel, orange peel, cumin, turmeric)
– 3 Dashes of celery bitters
– 10 ml Fresh apple and cucumber juice
– 5 ml Lime juice

Shake and fine strain into a speakeasy glass with a thin salt and black pepper rim.
Garnish with a dried apple wheel.

Best enjoyed over dinner with friends and family!

🍸 Massimiliano Dessik

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