Wildlife Warrior

Wildlife Warrior

The last of the “super tuskers", Africa’s biggest elephants, are going extinct from the wild within a generation. Since 2020, Elephant Gin has actively been supporting Big Life Foundation’s Wildlife Warrior program to protect the worlds remaining most iconic and threatened tuskers and their habitat.

A super tusker is a bull elephant with tusks that each weigh over 45kg and are so long that they often touch the ground. There are roughly 25 of these magnificent elephants left in the world, with most concentrated in Kenya.

Super tuskers have a genetic variation that causes the tusks to grow faster and longer. And yet, this feature is what makes them so vulnerable. They are under constant threat from poachers, so it is vital that every effort is made to protect those remaining. Big Life’s rangers work night and day to protect them - and need all support to do so.

In 2020 and 2021, Elephant Gin released two special edition Art editions (Wildlife Warrior I and Wildlife Warrior II) in collaboration with renowned artists Martin Aveling and Mark Adlington. Over € 10,000 were raised through the activations and sales around the releases.

Since 2021, Elephant Gin has also been collaborating with international bars in the “Wildlife Warrior” activation, whereby funds are raised through the sales of the most delicious cocktails.


Photo credit: Jeremy Goss