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'Cocktails at Home' Set

The Cocktails at Home set combines our 500ml Elephant London Dry Gin (45%) + 500ml Elephant Orange Cocoa Gin (40%) + 200ml Elephant Gin Coffee Liqueur (25%).

It is the perfect package to get creative at home.

The Elephant Dry Gin’s nose yields a subtle juniper aroma with an undertone of mountain pine and other herbaceous notes. The taste is complex but strikingly smooth encompassing floral, fruity and spicy flavours.

The Elephant Orange Cocoa Gin has zesty and sweet citrusy notes of the orange as well as dry, velvety yet chocolaty flavours of the cocoa bean.

Our Elephant Gin Coffee Liqueur is an aromatic coffee liqueur providing an extra energy boost, for both gin and coffee lovers.

15% of bottle profits are donated to African elephant conservation efforts.

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