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African Explorer, Limited Edition Gin 500ml in Linen Gift Box

African Explorer, Limited Edition Gin 500ml in Linen Gift Box

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Tasting Notes

  • Nose: Minty-cassis freshness from African buchu and zesty grapefruit. Subtle hints of White Ginger and Monodora provide complexity.
  • Taste: Refreshing burst of citrus and herbal notes, balanced by the warmth of fresh ginger.
  • Alcohol Vol: 40% ABV


  • Handwritten label on the bottle
  • All-natural cork
  • Glass Maasai beads around the bottle neck which can be used as sunglasses strings
  • 100% recyclable bottle
  • Plastic-free shrink cap
  • Produced from 65% recycled glass


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African Explorer, Limited Edition Gin 500ml in Linen Gift Box

In honour of our 10-year anniversary, embark on a one-of-a-kind taste adventure with our latest creation, the African Explorer Limited Edition Gin, 500ml (40% ABV).

This limited-edition celebration gin further highlights African ingredients from across the continent, using freshly sourced aromatic African buchu leaves from South Africa, White Ginger and Monodora (African nutmeg) from Cameroon.

A sensory journey, boasting distinctive citrus and minty-cassis notes from African Buchu and grapefruit, with a herbal botanical backbone and subtle hints of fresh ginger.

Every bottle comes with a set of colourful glass Maasai beads, which can be repurposed into sunglass strings.

15% of the bottle profits are donated to protecting the critically endangered African Forest Elephant in Cameroon through the African Wildlife Foundation (AWF).

Each bottle is named "Ya'a," which means elephant in the Cameroon Baka Language, paying homage to the indigenous forest people of Cameroon, the Baka.

Best enjoyed as a G&T at sundowner times.

  • Handwritten labels

  • 100% recyclable glass

  • All-natural Cork

  • Plastic-free

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Perfect Serve

• 50ml African Explorer Gin
• 150ml Premium Tonic

Fill glass with large ice cubes. Chill glass by stirring the ice.

Pour the gin and slowly add the tonic water.

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