Mataya is a tragic victim of Human Elephant Conflict, rescued at just 2 months old in Zambia.

Elephant Gin has teamed up with Stairs Bar in Berlin, who created a special cocktail on their monthly menu called Mataya - amplifying the story of the baby elephant who was rescued with the help of David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation. From every cocktail sold, Stairs Bar through Elephant Gin Foundation donates 5 € directly to efforts for Mataya’s recovery, rehabilitation and eventual release to the wild in Kafue National Park.

At the end of February 2023, Mataya's mother and the rest of his herd was chased away from crop fields in the remote village of Mataya Unga alongside the Zambezi River. The farmers and community members were firing guns, throwing rocks and making noise to scare them off. In the commotion, Mataya became separated from his mother and in the aftermath of the conflict he was found alone. Brave members of the community rescued the calf and secured him in a safe location until the Zambian Department of National Parks and Wildlife (DNPW) rapid response unit arrived on the scene and brought him to the Game Rangers International Elephant Nursery funded and supported by David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation in Lusaka.

When Mataya arrived at the Elephant Nursery, he was weak, traumatised, stressed and completely exhausted. Upon arrival, the team ensured he consumed the life-saving milk he so desperately needed, balancing this with the need to rehydrate and rest. Thankfully after 12 hours, Mataya managed to stand up and started showing interest in his keeper and milk. At around two months old, he is incredibly vulnerable and needs constant physical contact, specialist nutrition and veterinary support to survive... which is exactly what the team at David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation have provided. Since his rescue, Mataya is growing stronger every day.

In a collaboration with Konstantin and Babsi of Stairs Bar in Berlin, Elephant Gin and Elephant Gin Foundation are on a mission to raise funds for wildlife conservation by offering excellent high-quality cocktails!

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