Our Kambaku batch is another one of our favourites as the story behind this legendary elephant is one worth telling. 

Kambaku was a tusker of enormous size with a total tusks weight of over 127kg and each tusk measuring 260cm! Hard to image what it must be like carrying something of that weight on ones head…. 

To no ones surprised, he was named one of the so-called “Magnificent Seven;” a term which identifies the biggest bulls ever to have roamed in the Kruger National Park. 

Kambaku, unlikely for an elephant, was often found on his own and was rarely seen looking for company. 

Unfortunately, he had to be (mercifully) shot by a KNP ranger in 1985, as Kambaku had been suffering from other bullet wounds he would not survive. As one of the Magnificent Seven, his tusks are on display in the Letaba Elephant Hall and adorning bottles of Elephant Strength Gin.