That's Easter!

That's Easter!


  • 45ml Elephant Orange Cocoa Gin⁠
  • 15ml Lemon juice⁠
  • 7.5ml Simple syrup (1:1)⁠
  • Top up with Soda⁠

Method: Shake and strain
Glass: Highball with pre-painted* inside edge.

Paint Garnish: Made of red-orange and cocoa bean sweet gum ⁠

  • ⁠120ml of water⁠,
  • Peels of 2 oranges⁠,
  • 2 spoons of cocoa bean⁠, Boil and cool it down!⁠

⁠Unite with previously prepared Arabic gum syrup (60g of⁠
water and 10g of Arabic gum) and simple syrup (129g sugar⁠
and 75ml water). Lastly, add red colourant!⁠

Created by Federico Turina & Eros Schiavon from Milan, IT