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Elephant Aged Gin II 500ml

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Only few left! 

500ml bottle of limited 2nd edition rye-based Elephant Aged Gin II (52% ABV). 

For this release, the Gin was rested in three different types of oak for a year and received a further finish in a Venezuelan rum cask.

Elephant Aged Gin II is based on a 100% rye distillate. It combines the same 14 botanicals that Elephant London Dry Gin is renowned for, but has increased quantities of all ingredients to achieve a higher concentration of aromas.

While the gin was rested in oak for over a year, the focus during the ageing process remained on a juniper-led flavour and prominent fresh characteristic of the gin. The result: an added well-balanced silky spice, sweet smokiness and a pleasant hint of vanilla.

In a final process, the Elephant Aged Gin II was further rested in rum cask from Venezuela for a few weeks, which lends it an additional warm, sweet caramel aroma.

Elephant Gin donates 15% of bottle profits to elephant conservation foundations.

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