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Pink Lips

If there was one thing better than cocktails, it would have to be… bartenders! As many of you have now realised after several attempts at home, creating tasty cocktails is not as easy as one would hope. Therefore, this World Cocktail Day we celebrate the ones responsible for turning drinks into art!

To cheer, we are sharing with you the recipe for this top-notch tipple by Javier Soler Muñoz from the Radisson Collection Royal Hotel, Copenhagen. To make a Pink Lips, you’ll need:

35 ml Elephant London Dry Gin
20 ml Chambord
30 ml Raspberry & Cardamom Syrup
20 ml Egg white
20 ml Lemon juice

Dry shake, then shake with ice.
Strain into a coupette.

Garnish with a dehydrated raspberry and House of Angostura bitters.

Because what would be a world without cocktails – and the bartenders behind them!

Pink Lips
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