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Elephant Gin Competition Winner!

We have an Elephant Gin Online Competition winner!

A few weeks ago we’ve sent handwritten letters to our bartender friends asking to create something with Elephant Gin and their home bar supplies during the lockdown. We received an amazing response, full of creativity, passion and flair despite all the doom and gloom. You can view all entries in today’s stories – big thank you to all participants…

The competition winner is Alexandra Purcaru with ‘The African Queen’, an elegant and powerful martini inspired by the movie with Katharine Hepburn (as Rose Sayer) and Humphrey Bogart (as Charlie Allnut) stuck on a boat navigating the Ulanga River. The competition entry has the elegance & determination of Rose with the rough adventurous spirit of Charlie.

50 ml Elephant London Dry Gin
22,5 ml Vermouth DOLIN Dry
8 ml Mezcal Barra Alipus Sn Andrés
8 ml Pino Mugo
2 dashes Scrappy’s orange bitters
Fresh pine buds


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